The Pony! Apocalypse World Hub

Our group is currently playing Apocalypse World as a back-burner, low-quorum game, though it may become a more frequent game in the future. As such, all setting, character, and plot details which come up through play will be recorded here to provide a reference in between relatively infrequent sessions.

Current situation

The characters live in a holding known as The Waystation, which up until very recently was under the command of a hardholder named Grandfather. Grandfather kept his holding safe, but was primarily focused on running the old equipment there, several oil drilling rigs which were still productive. With the help of his lead scientist Leon, Grandfather was able to not only produce crude oil but also refine it into gasoline. This attracted the attention of Hooch and his Thirty Violent Bastards, an appropriately-named motorcycle gang. The gang has provided the first line of defense to The Waystation for some time.

Grandfather died recently, and his former head of security, Marco, has assumed the position of hardholder in an unchallenged bid for succession. It is unclear what Marco’s priorities are, and whether he holds similar values to Grandfather regarding technology and the mysteries of the psychic maelstrom.

For now, the day-to-day around The Waystation is mostly unchanged. The majority of the holding’s inhabitants either farm or scavenge the nearby ruins, with other important jobs like making clothing and practicing medicine held by one of a few experts. The Bastards protect trade routes, while internal security protects scavengers and the holding itself. It’s uncertain how this will change when news of Grandfather’s death spreads.

Current characters

Hooch – Chopper
Hallux – Angel
Dutch – Gunlugger
Grav – Hocus
Klarssen – Brainer
Marmot – Driver
Sander – Savvyhead
Smith – Battlebabe
Moe – Maestro D’