Grandfather's Bastards

Moe Interlude #3

“See if I’m ‘voluntold’ again, will you.” Moe is currently in his new guest accommodations, those he was sent to by the dignitaries. He kicks gently at the furniture of his current quarters, a tad bit annoyed that it is of a finer quality of what he would normally afford his guests.

It’s not that he feels that he couldn’t acquire such furnishings. No, far from it, Moe has made a fortune of getting something for someone at some point. It’s just….the obviousness of it, the sterility of which it has been applied.

ok, thats’s grafted off a run, with a couple of certain favors…but man, to keep it up and for that long?

Moe looks around, tilting the sparse ornaments of the room.

“But they sure as shit took my mead didn’t they?” Moe looks around. He steps up on his bed, placing his heel on the wooden rim of the bed.

And I wouldn’t put it past them to have recordings in this room. Maybe. Maybe not. But it never hurts to play for a crowd

“Aww hell their consumption.” Moe falls back on his bed giggling. “It’s so cute, it’s so cute. ‘We don’t need anything outside. No one has superior goods? No one can attack out trade routes and leave us with little intake shiny boy. It’s not as if they have a thriving group of workers to possibly be peeved. I mean they, have something good going here, but I would hate to see those wires cut. Everything on the power, and not a damn thing to enrich the world with it, just gladhand themselves on how clever they are…”

“So yeah, they get power. Power all in one place. Good for them. Let’s see them actually use it for something. They were so happy, they never bothered with the basic:n And then What?

It was a basic query, and, if Moe was paranoid enough, it would be a real one

Moe clears his throat. “If only there were a group who had protectivr outwards range with details to maintain a power base like this. Le sigh.”

Ok, was that too obvious? They seemed so simple minded that Dutch could teach them lessons in sophisticated politics

Moe looks over blankly at the door. I told so much,,,and so little. It’s better this way. If it comes out, i am dead enough that it don;t make a difference.

Moe grabs a flask and drains it, flopping onto the bed.



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