Grandfather's Bastards

Session Five

The (Apocalypse) World keeps turning

In light of the palpable tension of the day before, Marco sent the Bastards off on an overwatch and trade ride to Poland. He stayed up until they left, talking with Moe and doing his best to ease his mind. The next day wouldn’t be any easier.

There was still a nip in the air when three people came to the gates of the Waystation. Two of them were wearing gas masks, the traditional garb of the Hunters. The third was Hatchet, Hallux’s uncle. Marco invited them in, and got the story from Hatchet. Hatchet had dropped Hallux off the day before, and ended up getting fired upon by a group on the road. He tried to run, but they gave chase, up until he found a larger group of them exchanging fire with a group of Hunters. The two Hunters he was now with saved his life, and as they were waiting for the heat to die down, they told him about Grav and how he knew about the Lodge. It was revealed that the opposing group were likely the Scientists, and the Hunters had seen them with a large spool of electrical wire.

While the rest of the Waystation is beginning to wake up and start their mornings in earnest, Marco calls Hallux, Smith, and Sander, and tells them what he just heard. He wants to set up an advance scout crew to go investigate, but is worried his best sniper is still liable to fly off the handle. He tables the thought, and goes to get breakfast.

Dutch is in Moe’s, barely tolerating the presence of the two Hunters. He has asked Moe to help him find a quantity of spray paint and glitter; he has cooled down from wanting the Bastards dead to merely wanting to vandalize their bikes. Of course, it doesn’t all work out as planned…the settlement with the best access to paint is Poland, and Moe’s contact there gathers the supplies and sends them back…with Hooch and the Bastards. After delivering the package, the fixer asks Hooch “he said he needed enough paint to mark up 30 bikes, any idea what that’s about?” It seems the prank may not work out quite as planned.

Marco, though watching his tense exchange with the Hunters carefully, is satisfied. He calls the team back, and asks for Dutch, Smith, Hallux and Sander to take Hatchet out to the wire site using Sander’s truck. While Marco is busy figuring out the rest of the holding’s business, he leaves Moe with the shortwave to monitor the team. Moe is able to get himself a signal booster, but is still initially unsure about his contact stability, and opens himself to the Maelstrom to try and pin down the team. What he sees instead are visions of hatred, violence, and death, a two way conversation between Amos and someone in Scarytown. He rushes to get Marco.

Meanwhile, the away team is trundling down a gravel road at Hatchet’s instruction, until they see a length of high-gauge wire strung over the road. Hatchet confirms it, this is the spot. The group gets out and looks around, getting their bearings. The road is heading East-Northeast, so to the left of the road is a northern area that would eventually lead in the direction of The Plant. To the right of the road is territory less known to the Waystation and its inhabitants. Dutch and Smith lock and load, and start slowly following the wire into the woods. They come to a camp with eight armed men, and right near it is a spool of wire. There is a small lean-to, but no other arrangements they can see. Attempts to conduct any sort of reconnaissance without alerting the men to their presence do not go well. As they attempt to fall back, one of them makes a noise, and suddenly the guns are out. Both Dutch and Smith split, trying to get out without being seen. They end up splitting up, and both booking it back towards the road.

Back at the Waystation, Moe has found Marco and told him what he saw in the Waystation. The conclusion he has come to is that Amos is too dangerous alive, as he’s being in psychic contact with the holding’s enemies. The two argue back and forth, but eventually Marco is won over after being reminded that Amos has been asking to talk to Dutch since he was locked up. The two men share a look, and then Marco hands Moe an old revolver. No other instructions are given.

Smith heads straight back to the truck, unaware he’s being followed. Sander and Hallux, however, understand the danger immediately, and take up defensive positions on the truck. Smith goes back to the woods to check his back. Dutch exits the woods just in time to see three of the men pop out from the tree line. Smith is able to take out one, and Dutch another. The third out in the open makes a break for it. Smith is about to come back out onto the road when he feels a gun barrel at his back…there were two more of the men he missed. He pretends to cooperate, but then goes for his chain when the group are out of sight of the truck. He isn’t quick enough, and the two men knock him out, intending to carry him the rest of the way. Dutch sneaks in behind him, and is able to take out one of the men, taking a bullet for his trouble. Hallux rushes down to help Dutch wake up Smith, and then they try to follow the men through the woods.

The camp has already been abandoned, and the wire spool is gone. They follow the wire further into the woods, to a point where the wire ends, and the spool is sitting there on the ground. Sensing a trap, they stay back, covered by some trees. After looking around a bit, they hear a faint roar coming from ahead of them. Just barely through the trees, they can see an old hydroelectric dam. It looks like the Scientists have taken it and are using the wire to connect it to something. Now completely outnumbered, the three retreat back to the truck, and report to Sander what they saw. “You wouldn’t need to connect two power sources together,” Sander says. “There must be something else that needs a lot of power.” The plot of the Scientists thickens.

Moe goes into Amos’s cell, trying for answers. They go back and forth, and finally Amos presses a small sheet of paper into Moe’s hand, asking for him to give it to Dutch. He says one more thing, revealing that he was talking to someone who would respect the sort of strength he and Dutch possess, and was only trying to get Dutch to go to somewhere where he’d be respected. Moe thinks on this, and then says to Amos “he’ll never see this, I hope you know that.” The last expression on Amos’s face is one of betrayal as Moe pulls the trigger.

Moe returns to his bar, where Marco is sitting. He returns the revolver, and no words are exchanged. Moe has not yet opened the sheet of paper Amos gave him.



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