Grandfather's Bastards

Session Four

Bad Behavior

Hallux returned to the Waystation with Hatchet in the early morning hours. At a particularly rocky section they needed to walk. Without the engine drowning out voices, Hatchet expressed his concern about Amos. The last time Hatchet had been to the Waystation, Grandfather was still alive, and the balance of power was different. Now, someone with a lot of ambition had a lot of power. As Hallux and Hatchet started the engine back up and approached the fork in the road near the Waystation, they heard, saw, and felt the rumble of 30 bikes flying banners of black flags and human skulls. The Bastards were back.

Marco met with Hooch soon after their return, with Nuff T’Eat following Hooch into Marco’s office. Marco was also suspicious of Amos, and was looking for an assurance of loyalty. Hooch gave a very Hooch answer: they appreciated the stability of The Waystation, and would fight for it…but if the fighting burned everything down, they would move on. Marco accepted the answer with only minimal fuss.

Down at Moe’s, Amos had apparently decided to put the screws on Dutch, hassling him about Deathwish, and clearly knowing it was a sore subject. To make things worse, he had brought Shiva, his daughter, out with him, and was embarrassing Dutch in front of someone clearly his own age and persuasion. Hooch, trying to figure out what was going on, made an attempt to read Shiva. It was not a good attempt. Instead of finding out what she was thinking, he made Tormund eyes directly at her chest. Whoops. Amos was…not thrilled. As the argument began, the volume in the rest of the bar steadily decreased, until Amos realized that all 30 Violent Bastards were looking right at him. He beat a hasty retreat, leaving Shiva. Thanks to Moe’s wingmanning and the private reserve, Dutch and Shiva left together.

While this was happening, there was a new arrival sitting at one of the other tables. Smith had come in that morning, receiving a missive from Marco dating back to around Grandfather’s death. Marco was looking for a security insurance policy, possibly including some dirty work. Smith was an old mercenary, who fit the bill pretty perfectly. He sat at one of the other card tables, talking with Leon about what had changed and what was going on.

The next morning, Marco decided that Amos’s antics had been more than he wanted to deal with, and asked Smith to move forward with dealing with him. Smith approached Amos’s cottage, and accidentally tripped a booby trap, setting the cottage on fire. Thinking quickly, Smith saved a collection of notes left in the cottage and tucked and rolled out the window.

The fire woke up the entire Waystation, putting the fire out with a bucket brigade. It became clear that Amos had flown the coop…and worse, had stolen one of the Bastards’ bikes. Attempts to stall Hooch worked only in the most cursory of manners, and Hooch even resorted to opening up to the psychic maelstrom to track Amos down. The Bastards blasted out of the Waystation before anyone could catch up to them.

Dutch decided to side with his new paramour and bring Amos back alive. He attempted to contact Hallux, who had been called in to help Marco make heads or tails of Amos’s notes. His attempt to contact her psychically ended with him getting sucked into the vortex of negative emotion between him and Amos…and distracting Amos so badly he got thrown from the motorcycle. Knowing that he was running out of time, Dutch grabbed Hallux, explaining what was going on, and went with Sander, borrowing Marmot’s Unimog.

Unsurprisingly, the Bastards got there first, recovered Rawsteak’s bike, and tied Amos to it, dragging him along behind. The Unimog intercepted them, and blocked the road. Dutch got out, and told Hooch to untie Amos. Hooch, unsurprisingly, said no. Dutch then threatened Hooch. Like, directly. Hooch of course called his bluff, and before Dutch knew it, he was a live demonstration of how literal the title “Violent Bastards” was. The Bastards didn’t even seem all that receptive to Hooch’s orders not to kill him…until Hallux stepped in. She dragged him away from the beating he was receiving, slapped him in the face, and ordered him back to the truck. She then told Hooch to untie Amos, explaining it was her professional medical opinion that if he hurt Amos further, Marco would not let him hear the end of it. Hooch relented, and Amos was secured in the back of the Unimog.

Back at the Waystation, Hooch offered Dutch a round at the bar. Honor-bound as they were to defend their boss, the Bastards were pretty impressed at the sheer brass balls Dutch had. Dutch, on the other hand, was not having any peace offerings. It continued in the bar, where a good portion of the Waystation got to see the simmering feud metastasize. In the meanwhile, Amos is in custody and the position of Head of Security is, ostensibly, open…



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