Diana [deceased]

"Deathwish Di", the leader of scavving operations


Di leads expeditions of able-bodied people out into the wastes for scavenging. She has a mental list of interesting places to go, many of which are still rich with potential because others think they’re too dangerous. Dutch often accompanies scavving crews to keep them safe, but in a lot of cases Di’s climbing and crawling and disassembling is a lot more of a threat to their safety than any of the local raiders. Between that and her relative disregard to areal threats, she got the nickname Deathwish.

Deathwish recently accompanied Hallux, Dutch, Marmot and Sander on a scavving mission to Peterb to help Sander gather truck parts. The residents of Scarytown were not to pleased about this. In a particularly tense motorcycle-harvesting combine chase, she took a high caliber bullet between her shoulder and her neck. Hallux was unable to save her.


Diana [deceased]

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