Chief Personnel Officer of the Thirty Violent Bastards.


Harridan is short and slight, but takes no shit. She’s one of the few members of the group that’s older than Hooch, and she knows what it takes to keep an unruly group like the bastards on the straight and narrow. She respects Hooch’s leadership, but is unafraid to tell him exactly what she and everyone else are thinking. When the last gang leader was killed, it was Harridan who named Hooch as the next leader. She’s hard enough that she’ll probably be alive to name Hooch’s successor as well.

Curiously, Harridan has something of a taste for romance novels salvaged from Barns and Nob, and whenever the Bastards are out on a salvage run has a tendency to prod Hooch into swinging by the literature deposit. Seeing as how the books are often later traded to Hallux, and Harridan will start reading them at him if he protests, Hooch usually caves pretty easily.



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