Maestro D'. Runs Moe's Tavern. Yeah, we know.


Moe runs the one tavern in the holding, which makes him simultaneously the holding’s social director and most important ear to the ground. Because of the essential product he provides (alcohol), he is liked by essentially everyone, and even those who don’t like him as a person know better than to piss him off. He maintains close relationships with Monty and Charlotte which get him the raw materials to make cider and beer, respectively. He has not yet been able to make a functional still, though many people throughout the holding have tried to help with this project. Moe also reads in his spare time, which may have influenced his motivation with the still project…he’s not sure he can make anything that tastes good without aging it, and he’s a bit of a perfectionist.

He runs the tavern along with Sunshine, who cooks food and keeps the beds when travellers stay there. Moe is a bit terse, which is juxtaposed against Sunshine’s bubbliness well. Between the two of them they remember everyone in the holding, and make sure people are treated right.



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