Nuff T'Eat

Hooch's personal bodyguard. Big, dumb, loyal.


Nuff T’Eat loves Hooch like a brother. Nuff was thrown out of his family for eating them out of house and home, but picked up by the bastards before Hooch became their leader. When Nuff grew up, he was too big for pretty much all of the bikes that the gang had. Hooch personally took him out into the wastes, to a known but dangerous set of ruins that happened to have a motorcycle dealership in it. There was a full-dress touring bike inside that had been left there as it was too heavy to wheel out for pretty much all of the gangs around. Hooch and Nuff stayed there fixing the bike for nearly a day, before the two rode back triumphantly on a Nuff-sized bike. Nuff and his full-dress cruiser now ride up front next to Hooch and his much smaller Harley Sportster.

Nuff is Hooch’s right hand, and will defend him to the death.


Nuff T'Eat

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