Grandfather's Bastards

Session Two
Buying the Farm

Grav has been having problems with his research and his students, so he distracts himself by using the psychic maelstrom to help the other holding residents deal with the conflicts surrounding The Farm. Almost immediately he gets more than he bargained for, and ends up agreeing to meet a Brainer from the group who took over The Farm, just called The Hunters.

The Hunters were driven from their original holding, The Lodge, by a group calling themselves “The Scientists”. They were in search of unlocking the function of the building the lodge was located in, a large electrical station of some sort. The Brainer didn’t quite understand, but he brought a large field manual for Grav to attempt to read.

The meeting took place near Bars and Nob, like the last chance meeting the group had with the Hunters. After the meeting was over and the team prepared to leave, the sounds of gunfire to the south had noticeably intensified. Something was going on in Scarytown

Session 1
Dawn of the Hunters

Marmot returned from a run to Poland, one of the few residents of the holding who missed Grandfather’s funeral. He’s called in to see Marco, along with Hallux and Dutch. There’s a woman in Marco’s office, delirious and muttering to herself. Hallux treats her wounds and gets her some water, and is treated to rambling about the Farm and the Hunters. Not sure what to make of this, Marco orders Marmot to take Dutch to The Farm, and bring Hallux along in case there are any wounded.

Marmot drives his Unimog to the edge of the valley near The Farm. Dutch hikes up a nearby hill to reconnoiter. In the distance he sees men wandering around with gas masks, but not much of the residents. They appear to be headquartering in the Farm’s Big house, a meeting house in the center of the holding. Unsure what to make of the goings-on, Marmot tries his best to open his mind to the psychic currents around the holding. He gets thrown back out of the maelstrom, with only one message: “I am the hunter, and you the hunted.”

The psychic link appears to have given them away. Several soldier types start heading to the woods from the holding, and their scouts move around the woods. Dutch takes down one of the troops coming towards him, but is shot by one of the scouts. He’s able to dispatch the shooter and scare off the others, but the remaining scout gets the drop on him and bears his rifle on Dutch’s head. Dutch slowly puts his guns down, and the scout tries to get him to come along quietly. Dutch is able to get some information out of him, and plays for time as Marmot and Hallux get closer. Marmot tries to distract the scout, who doesn’t fall for it and shoots Dutch in the gut. Dutch’s armor takes care of most of the impact from the blast but he loses his footing and tumbles back into the woods. Marmot uses the chaos to take him out with a shotgun blast to the chest. Dutch gets back to his feet and helps Marmot take the body back to the Unimog. Unfortunately, Marmot missed the key detail that the scout was not in fact dead. As Hallux moved to assess the body, the scout grabbed her by the neck, causing a nasty melee around the back of the truck. Marmot beat the man with the butt of his gun until he stopped breathing, and then decided to leave post-haste. Worried about leading these raiders straight back to the Waystation, Dutch recommended that the group head south to the ruins of Bars and Nob first, and then loop back home.

The trip to the ruins was uneventful, and the group radioed home and waited for things to calm down. Not too long after their arrival, a group of motorcycles happened upon the ruins, and it appeared to be more Hunters. The team stayed low and watched from inside the abandoned bookstore. The team lazily circled the area, and then lit a smoke signal inside a 155 millimeter shell before departing. Not wanting to figure out what the smoke signal meant, the team waited until the motorcycles left and then sped home.

Unfortunately a Unimog is not made for maneuvering at speed, and there was a slight tipover issue. The truck was righted quickly, but the fuel tank deposited much of its contents on the road, resulting in a slowdown near home. As Marmot refueled, Dutch spotted lights from in the woods, and approached carefully. He called out, and one of the people recognized him. It ended up being a group of refugees from The Farm, running from the very Hunters they were. After organizing with the Waystation, the refugees were successfully brought home, and the team debriefed with Marco regarding this new threat they had discovered.

Session 0 Recap
April 3, 2016

The game started with a great session zero, with tons of notes and ideas being generated. The important events to recap:

Grandfather’s funeral was conducted by Marco, and pretty much everyone in the holding came out for it. There was no infighting, everything was fairly peaceful.

Grav’s students were mostly in a jubilant mood, and some excessive imbibing may have occurred.

Marco made his opinion known to Dutch that he was not as tolerant as Grandfather was of some elements in the holding, like Grav and Klarssen. He doesn’t know what they do for the holding and how to make them pull weight in a way he understands.


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