The Waystation

The Waystation is the holding which is the central location for the game. It is located around an old set of oil wells. Grandfather was the hardholder for decades, and his efforts to build a distillation stack refinery, albeit a small one, has enabled the holding to make gasoline and become significantly more secure, at least for now.

Marco is the current hardholder, having recently taken over after Grandfather died. His right hand is Leon, the technical expert in the holding whose main job it is to keep the oil pumps and refinery running.

While most of the residents are farmers, scavvers or leathernecks, there are a couple groups who call the area home. Hooch and the Thirty Violent Bastards have converted one of the old maintenance sheds into a bike garage and help secure trade routes around the holding. They can be rowdy and drunk sometimes, but the positives typically outweigh the negatives. The other group is Grav and his cult, which he simply calls “grad students”. Grav claims to be an ascending PhD from a university on the moon, doing his dissertation in biosciences. No one knows what to make of his claim, but he was given permission to stay in one of the abandoned oilworker’s dormitories after sharing some of his discoveries pertinent to agriculture with Grandfather.

The other important key residents are Moe and Sunshine, who run the holding’s tavern, and Hallux, who runs the holding’s infirmary.

The Waystation

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