Grandfather's Bastards

Session Six

The Lights Come On

Moe has not slept, but is awoken by Shiva. Being asked to walk with her outside the Waystation, he takes his trusty “second bartender” and follows her out into the woods. In the overcast night, they see a glow on the horizon. Moe knows almost immediately; the amount of energy it would take to generate this sort of light is immense.

The next morning, the away team that discovered the dam has returned. While debriefing Dutch and Smith, Marco is interrupted by Apollo, one of Grav’s ‘students’. Apparently Grav has been reduced to a catatonic mess, leaving a binder full of arcane scribbles about electricity. The project to figure out the plant’s intent has hit a wall, which Marco is aware of. When Moe enters to talk about the glow he saw, there is now urgency. Marco calls for Klarssen.

Moe goes out to find Klarssen and spots him on a roof. Klarssen extends his hand, and Moe helps him down…which of course gives him an opportunity to use his violation glove. Seeing into Moe’s mind, Klarssen sees all the anxiety about Moe and Amos…and makes connections. Amos’ mind was snuffed out when Moe shot him, similar to how the mind reaching out in the maelstrom that Klarssen had seen was snuffed out. Amos was trying to reach out psychically. Moe looks Klarssen in the eyes, and Klarssen only says three words. “You’ll be fine.”

Klarssen follows Moe back to Marco’s office, where Marco, against his better judgment, asks him to open his brain. Like the aura of the lights, Klarssen sees a massive aura on the horizon, with the psychic energy reflecting against the concrete of the nuclear power plant. Among the mass are a dozen strong souls, exulting in recent accomplishments. But more important than these souls are the hundreds upon hundreds of people.

After some discussion, Marco, Moe, Smith, Klarssen and Dutch start to come to a conclusion. Talk is more likely to work than violence, and Moe finds himself “volunteered” to be the face of the operation. Thanks to Smith and Dutch’s brawn, and Klarssen’s “unique” view, the entire group is conscripted into a roadtrip down to the Waystation’s mysterious neighbors. Moe goes and checks the radio, while Dutch goes to check with security. Thanks to help from The Farm, Moe’s able to dial the radio straight in, and have an awkward but productive conversation leading to an invitation. The team is heading to The Plant.

Dutch has a last chance to talk to Shiva before leaving…or rather, he’s unable to avoid her. After a lot of hemming, hawing, and confusion (in-character AND out-of-character), Dutch sucks it up and apologizes. It’s not clear there will be another rendezvous anytime soon, but their friendship seems to be on the mend. For now. After their conversation, Shiva headed to the stockades, about to see something very unpleasant.

After seeing her father gone, Shiva demands to speak to Marco, who gives a non-answer answer about her father’s whereabouts. When Dutch interrupts, Marco responds curtly. “He was a traitor, Dutch.” Shiva reads between the lines, and is off, into the woods. It’s not clear she wants to be followed or is going to come back.

Dutch heads to Moe’s, needing a drink. Moe, sensing Dutch’s angst and his ignorance, chooses this time to tell Dutch the truth. Not only telling him the truth about who killed Amos, Moe tells the whole story about Amos, the psychic outreach, and the designs for Dutch. The note is conveniently left out of the discussion. Moe and Dutch reach an understanding, and Moe agrees to Cyrano a note to Shiva for Dutch.

When Marmot arrives back at the Waystation, they quickly head out towards the Plant, driving the Unimog across broken pavement which slowly transitions to gravel. As they’re allowed in, they see just what Klarssen described: a massive settlement, dwarfing the Waystation in pretty much every metric. Their vehicle is invited into the inner perimeter, and parked near a bunkhouse where they’ll be accommodated. The group is then invited for dinner.

The mood in the Plant is jubilant, but still tense. The group is able to recognize a group of elders by logos sewn onto their uniforms, but only get the most basic understanding of how the leadership structure works. They’re given a brief overview of the Plant’s most recent accomplishments, and get to see a surface view of some of the underlying drama, thanks to Moe’s decision to bring some of his Special Reserve. Exactly what’s going on isn’t clear, and it looks like that may have to wait until tomorrow…



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